Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Half way through the Smokies!

Woke up yesterday morning to about 4 inches of snow on the ground. Walked the three miles to Clingmans Dome - highest point on the AT.

Once we got to Clingmans, we ran the next seven miles to Newfound Gap to hitch into Gatlinburg, TN. Stayed here last night to escape the ongoing snow storm/dropping temps. Got off the mountain just in time, they closed the road. Ridge runners/rangers had to rescue a few hikers.

The road is still closed, we may be stuck here for another day. Gatlinburg is by far the strangest place on earth. If a carnival had a baby with a rodeo, it'd be Gatlinburg. Can't complain though, found this breakfast buffet.

Not pictured:
-two things of cereal
-fruit plate


Saw a "redneck putt putt" place and Jenna refuses to play with me. How dare she think that's beneath her. I'm going to go explore Gburg now and hopefully take an old-fashioned photo.

Til Hot Springs, signing off!

Ps. I have a new trail name. Prom Queen.

-_____- better than Wal-Mart I suppose.


  1. I love when people discover Gatlinburg for the the first time. I used to visit there a couple of times a year, just to get my fill of kitsch.

  2. It's called Hillbilly golf! And you get to go up a mountain elevator/gondola type thing....and I've played there at least 5 times! haha...When my parents got married they were young and broke and honeymooned in a chalet by the river in a quiet area of gatlinburg (mostly to do some hiking--they're pretty cool). But anywho, we went back a few times as kids and def played at that putt putt place--It's totally fun :)